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Let us know of any future changes to the landscape (decks, patios, gardens, beds, etc.) and we will set the system up so that it can easily be modified in the future.  Some of our customers only have the front yard system installed, in which case we set it up so that the back can be installed easily at a later date. We have designed and installed over 10,000 lawn sprinklers in the San Antonio area.

Irrigation Design

Our professional design team is familiar with all of the local codes and regulations.  

Once we have created a design, we will sit down with you and discuss the various options you have for the sprinkler system.  We offer three different levels of lawn sprinkler systems ranging from very economical to very efficient.  We also offer many options for your sprinkler.  You get to pick and choose what works best for you, and we have simple menu pricing for these upgrades.  Our most popular upgrade is a taller pop-up spray head.  This allows for less frequent mowing of taller grasses such as St. Augustine.  Our customers also like to upgrade to a fertilizer injection system.  This upgrade transforms your lawn sprinkler into a versatile tool that will automatically apply; fertilizer, deer repellant, mosquito repellant, weed killer, bug killer, and many other additives.   With our various options and upgrades, we can design a system that will fit any budget.


You can schedule an appointment for installation once you have your design completed and have chosen the components that work best for you.  



Call to schedule a free estimate and a representative will come to your home and design a system that best meets your needs.  

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